10 Ways to Practice Mindfulness and Reduce Anxiety

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Mindfulness meditation not only helps anxiety and stress, but actually changes the structure and function of the brain to make it healthier and work better. Keep in mind that you may find slightly different lists of the attitudes of mindfulness in other places. Below are the qualities that we believe all play an important role in working with anxiety mindfully.

1. Stay in the present moment.

There is no rule that says you have to be doing a million things at once. No where in the nonexistent life handbook is there a statement that tells you to worry about everything that has yet to happen.

One of my favorite quotes says something like, “ Worrying is using your imagination to create the worst case scenario.” I don’t remember who said it, but those words have really stuck with me. If I can simply stay focused on what’s happening right now, I don’t have to be concerned with tomorrow just yet. I don’t have to try to manipulate the future. I can simply observe my current situation, and engage with it in a way that is the best for my wellbeing.

Staying in the present moment gives us so much freedom, so much space to be who we really are. If you’re driving, just drive. Don’t get caught up in what you’ll say once you get to your destination. Simply drive. Feel the vibration of the seat. Appreciate the texture of the steering wheel. Observe what kinds of cars are around you. Feel the pressure of the pedal. Roll down the windows and feel the wind against your skin. It’ll be the best drive you’ve ever had.

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