10 Ways to Practice Mindfulness and Reduce Anxiety

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2. Don’t analyze the situation.

What happens if you’re driving and all of a sudden you run into ridiculous traffic? You check your GPS and realize that you’re definitely going to be late. You begin to get frustrated. You wonder if there’s a way around the traffic. Alternate routes? Carpool lane? Getting out of the car and running down the freeway? If you’re anything like me, you’re already getting tense just reading this. What happened in this example? Imaginary you got caught up in a result that hadn’t even happened yet. You haven’t made it to the destination yet, there is no reason to be upset or worried about what people will think once you’ve arrived late. At the present moment, you’re simply sitting in the car. Once you begin to analyze the situation, you’re creating an imaginary outcome.

What if you could simply sit in the car? What if you could wait to find out what will happen at your destination instead of predicting the horror of being late?

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