10 Ways to Practice Mindfulness and Reduce Anxiety

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7. Take action if necessary, and then move on. No grudges.

Some moments will call for you to do something. You’ll be called to react to certain situations. And in that moment, you’ll do the best you can. But when your action is over, when the conversation is over, the meeting is done, the interview has finished, you walked the dog, you cut your hair… when the action is over, let it be done.

Don’t go back. Don’t wish for a do-over. Don’t become frustrated because you wished you would have done it differently. Don’t let someone else tell you you could have been better. You did the best you could. You learned. You were in the moment. You tried. And next time you are called to act, you’ll do it with new knowledge. And that’s all that matters. No grudges. No regret. Acceptance. Only acceptance.

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